This is Big Sur. One of Valerie's favorite places to be.

Now she creates sculptures and jewelry with metal and fire while dreaming of
the ocean waves. After all, she is the Water Dragon . . .

These are Valerie's cowboy boots. Valerie loves to travel. So do her boots.

Here they are on the train Christmas Day from Pisa to Milan, Italy. No one else in Milan wore cowboy boots . . .

This is Valerie. She likes to hammer on silver
and steel.

Valerie started out in college to be a marine biologist, she loved the ocean. Her first semester was spent without an art class, for the first time EVER. She missed it so much, she realized she was an Artist. She goes to the ocean as much as possible . . .

"Art is the breath that I take everyday,

it is what sustains me, and makes me happy.

Art is the lifeblood of my heart and soul."